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Meet Teanau the LEARNZ Field Trip Teacher


I am one of the teachers for the LEARNZ virtual field trip programme.

Job description

During each school term I organise and run virtual field trips for classes throughout New Zealand. We go on trips to study New Zealand's remote or inaccesible or restricted places. Each field trip has background pages and related activities so that everyone knows a little about where we're going and what we are going to see. I help teachers get ready with curriculum and classroom ideas. Out in the field I get to work with a range of experts. We talk with schools during live web conferences. I write a daily diary which is posted each night on the web along with still and video images. I take class ambassadors with me and together we explore some of New Zealand's special places.

Time in job

I worked as a teacher on my first LEARNZ field trip in 2019.

What I am looking forward to this year

I am looking forward to being able to explore some places in Aotearoa that I have not been to yet, meeting more interesting experts, and sharing my discoveries with a diverse range of students throughout the country.


Indigenous Knowledge, Maori Education, Pasifika Education.


Prior to working for CORE Education and the LEARNZ team, I was based in Europe where I worked with the UN focusing on Indigenous Peoples issues. I have worked with two Ministries of Education (New Zealand and the Solomon Islands), both times supporting curriculum and resource development in Indigenous languages.

Interests outside LEARNZ

Family. Comedy. Politics.


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